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Gaspar Inc. has the pleasure of working with some of the most respected names in their respective industries.   Read what a few of them had to say about us and our products.

In 2014 Bayer CropScience LP contracted with Process Combustion Corporation (PCC) to provide a Vent Gas Incinerator (VGI).  This VGI would take up to 8,000 SCFM of plant waste gases and incinerate those gases at a temperature of 1,200 degree Celsius.  The entire package consisted of a fuel skid, 10 MM BTU/Hr burner, refractory lined combustion chamber, waste heat boiler, 600 Hp induction fan, interconnecting duct work, gas quencher, and a wet gas scrubber column. Schedule was critical with a required startup of 2Q - 2016.  PCC sub-contracted the fabrication of the individual sections required for the VGI.  As part of the overall VGI project, Bayer required a 16,500 gallon, double chamber, Liquid Bath Flame Arrestor (LBFA).  The LBFA was to be installed upstream of the VGI.  Gaspar, Inc. won the bid to fabricate the LBFA directly for Bayer.


In July 2015 PCC informed us that their sub-contractor for the combustion chamber, burner, and duct work would not begin as scheduled.  They would not be able to begin fabrication until November 2015, with delivery 2Q - 2016.  Since the chamber was to be lined with refractory after initial installation, final VGI construction would not be completed until the 3Q - 2016.  This would be devastating to the project, delay startup for at least 3 months, as well be extremely costly to Bayer.

PCC searched extensively to secure an alternate fabricator.  Unfortunately, with no success due to schedule requirements and the physical size of the chamber.  The combustion chamber is 75 feet long by 8½ feet in diameter with a shell thickness of ½ inch carbon steel. 

Having just completed the LBFA fabrication with Gaspar, given Bayer’s excellent relationship with Gaspar and their associates, and faced with the real possibility of a costly three-month delay, a call was made by Bayer on PCC’s behalf to Gaspar.  Could Gaspar squeeze this combustion chamber, burner, and duct work into their fabrication schedule, and make delivery by November 2015?  The difficulties were enormous.  They would be using a design and ASME calculations provided by the other fabricator, and contracting directly with PCC.  Tad Gaspar, President, took just a few days to research the project, confer with his staff and production department and make contractual arrangements directly with PCC.  Tad’s response was, “Yes, we can do it, and make delivery just in time!”

Needless to say, the project was a success.  The unit was delivered in November and installed.  The VGI was started on-time.

Gaspar’s capacity to serve the customer on difficult, specially tailored, projects is above reproach.  Their quality of fabrication, the technical and innovative abilities demonstrated by their design and engineering team, the excellent support provided by their purchasing, inspection, shipping, and sales staff, and the performance standard of “Zero Defects” - clearly demonstrates the overall commitment to producing a cost effective, quality product for the customer.

Thank you Gaspar, Inc. and the entire Team at Gaspar.

Glynn S. ; Principal Plant Engineer for Bayer Cropscience LP

Kansas City, MO

Anywhere from standard service to high temperature and high pressure heat exchangers, the team at Gaspar has always succeeded in delivering a high quality product to our facility on time and at the right cost.

Jeremy L.; Reliability Engineer

Beatrice, NE

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