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Gaspar Inc. utilizes the latest in High Definition Plasma cutting technology , providing us with the ability to cut nearly any type of metal, from 20 GA to 3" inches thick. Our tables 5 axis swivel head allows for the application of bevels, straight and variable, up to 45 degrees in angular rotation. Combine that with our CNC Pipe chuck and you have a formidable cutting combination! Our machine also features an oxy/acetylene torch increasing our cutting range up to 12" thick carbon steel. Make Gaspar Inc. your first choice for custom plate cutting.

  • Our equipment includes:

  • Kinetic K3000 5 Axis Head High Definition Plasma used in conjuntion with a Hypertherm HPX400HD control

  • 14' x 40' Water Table

  • Plate etching - Carbon & Stainless

  • Up to 45 degrees of Head rotation

    • Straight bevels

    • Variable bevels

    • Double bevels

    • Negative and Postive bevels

  • CNC Pipe chuck

    • 40' Lengths

    • Coping

    • Weld Preps

    • Beveled Holes

    • Notches

  • Oxyfuel Torch for cutting carbon steel plate over 3" thick

  • "Bug burner" for beveling plate edges that exceed the limits of our table

Other services include:

  • Cutting holes, slots & profiles in tubing, channel , angle and other structural

  • Cutting holes into eliptical and F&D Heads

  • Custom cutting for any industry: Manufacturing, Farm, Mining, Oil & Gas, Artisan and many more.

  • Shearing & Sawing


14' x 40' Water table minimizes heat distortion

CNC Pipe cutting , coping & beveling

Oxyfuel cutting capabilities in addition to our Hi-Def Plasma

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