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Gaspar Welding and Boiler works was founded in 1967 by Gary W. Gaspar. Possessing over 18 Heli-arc certifications in exotic alloys for the aerospace and land turbine industries in addition to 26 arc and Heli-arc welding certifications for navy ship 1500-1 as well as navy nuclear welding, Gary began initially providing repaired components for the aerospace, land turbine, jet engine and power generation industries. Soon thereafter, Gaspar entered the ASME boiler, vessel and heat exchanger industry, repairing and fabricating equipment for chemical processing, refining, pulp and paper, fertilizer, agricultural, mining and pharmaceutical companies, specializing in reactive and exotic metals. Thanks in large part to the many talented employees that have contributed to its success over the last 50 years, Gaspar Inc. continues to thrive today in the often volatile market of ASME fabrication. The next generation of the Gaspar family continues to carry on the ideals and tradition that were established more than 50 years ago. 

GASPAR INC. is proud to serve the following industries:

Oil and Gas Processing/Cracking/Refineries, Cryogenic Equipment, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Fertilizer Products, Ammonia Plants, Rubbers, Hydrocarbon, Pulp & Paper Mills , Waste Treatment, Paint Processing Plants, Renewable Energy, Polymers and Rubber, Solar Processing, Green Energy, Bio Fuels, Water Treatment/Purification, Alternative Fuels, Geothermal, Contract Engineering Firms, Steel Mills, Mining Equipment, Power Plants/Generation and other similar fields and industries.

Gaspar Inc. offers the following for your manufacturing consideration:


  • Facilities

  • 124,000 Sq.Ft Under Roof between (2) Facilities ; 82,000 Sq.Ft at our Whipple Ave. Plant

  • 100,000 Sq. Ft. Under Crane

  • 10,000 Sq. Ft. Isolated Reactive Metals Bay - "Clean Room"

  • (14) Bridge Cranes - 5 ton thru 25 tons

  • (16) Jib Cranes

  • In house 34' W x 30' H x 52' Deep Blast / Paint Bay with extension canopy for longer units

  • 6.9 Acre Yard


  • Welding

  • GTAW (Tig)

  • GMAW (Mig)

  • GMAW-P (Pulsed Mig)

  • PAW (Plasma)

    • Carbons Steel up to 5/16" Thick

    • Stainless Steel up to 5/16" Thick

  • SAW (Sub-Arc)

  • FCAW (Flux Core)


  • Materials include:

  • Carbon Steel & Low Alloys 

  • Aluminum

  • Nickel Alloys such as Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Monel®

  • 300, 400 & 900 series Stainless Steel Alloys

  • Titanium

  • Zirconium

  • Tantalum

  • Duplex 2205/2507/2701

  • AL6X9

  • Copper Nickel

  • Brass


*INCONEL and MONEL are trademarks of the Special Metals Corporation group of companies.

*HASTELLOY is a trademark of Haynes International


  • Cutting and Beveling

  • Kinetic K3000 5 Axis Head High Definition Plasma

    • 14' x 40' Water Table

    • Up to 45 degrees of Head rotation

    • CNC Pipe chuck for cutting , coping and beveling Pipe/Tube

    • Oxyfuel Torch for cutting plate over 3" thick

  • "Bug burner" for beveling plate edges

  • Shearing

  • Sawing


  • Rolling and Forming

  • Multiple Brake presses

    • Up to 1500 ton

    • Ability to form several geometric shapes including cones, transitions, bifurcations, etc.

  • MG 335 (4) roll CNC roll machine

    • 10' long capacity up to 1-1/4" thick

    • 2" thick at smaller width's - call for details

  • DAVI MCB (4) roll CNC roll machine

    • 10' long capacity up to 3/4" thick​

  • BERTSCH (3) roll hydraulic roll machine

    • 13' long capacity up to 1-1/4" thick

  • (6) other rolls with varying capacities with the ability to form sheet, plate as well as bar, rod. (Round/Square)

  • (2) Pipe Forming Rolls

    • Up to 2-1/2" Sch.40 Pipe


  • Machining & High Speed Drilling

  •  Multiple Vertical Boring Mills (VBM)

    • Up to 20' Dia x 21' H Under Rail

  • Multiple Horizontal Boring Mills (HBM)

    • Up to 14' Table x 10' Tall

  • CNC Drill Presses (Quick Mills)

    • Up to 120" x 180"

  • Radial Arm Drill Presses

  • Mechanical & Hydraulic Punches

  • Magnetic Drills


  • Inspection & Material Identification

  • UT (Ultrasonic Testing)

  • RT (3rd party Radiography Testing)

  • PT (Dye Penetrant ; Magnetic Particle)

  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)

  • PSI Gauge Calibration


We can build units to the following dimensions, limited to these sizes only by transportation constraints:

  • 14' Diameter x 60' Long

  • 10' Diameter x 80' Long

  • 8' Diameter x 120' Long




Gary Gaspar



As founder and chairman, Gary remains committed to ensuring Gaspar Inc. continues to stay competitive and successful in today's evolving business climate.



Gaspar Inc. has recently welcomed Jim to to the management team. Jim brings a renewed focus to matters such as Continuous Improvement, Team Building & Return on Investement, relying on his 35 plus years of expertise in General Management and Management Consulting.

Contact Jim via email

330-477-2222 X 148

Jim Moberg

Vice President


Tad represents the next generation of the Gaspar family to help grow and lead the company in acheiving new goals and objectives while staying true to the ideals that made Gaspar Inc. successful for the past 4 decades.

Contact Tad via Email

330-477-2222 X 123

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