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  • Complete In-house fabricating facilities which include VBM's to 18'0" diameter, HBM's to 10'0", post mills to 12'0", plate rolls to 1" x 13'0", press brakes to 1500 ton x 16'0",  sandblasting and painting to 18'0" diameter units, and (2) heat treat furnaces.

  • Full Service ASME Section VIII, Division 1, B31.1 and B31.3 design and build facility
  • Qualified ASME Section IX welders
  • Domestic and Foreign Sales
  • A wide range of experience in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals
  • Fast response to Vessel & Heat Exchanger shop & field repairs
  • Custom Fabrication

            Column                    Condensers                Crystalizers           Reactors

            Evaporators              Liquifiers                  Towers                 Silos                   


  • A to Z Metals Experience

            Aluminum                Reactive Metals               Stainless Steel            Monel

            AL6XN                     Hastelloy®                       Nickel

            Alloy 2205                Inconel                            Niobium

            Tantalum                 Titanium                          Zirconium

  • Tube Sheets

            Solid                        Loose-Faced                    Explosion-Clad

  • Design and Engineering 

            Autocad 2004            COMPRESS                        B JAC

Pressure Vessels 
  • From Low to High Rating Pressure Vessels and Reactors

  • Vessels to 14' diameter and any length

Heat Exchangers
  • Gaspar engineers will thermally and mechanically design heat exchangers, in most configurations, to meet required process conditions.

  • From 4" to 151" diameters


Vent Stacks                        Reheaters                        Superheaters          

Spray Headers                    Monel Scrubbers               Chillers

        Scrubbers                          Valve Rack Assemblies       Spools
  • Code Welded Pipe

  • B31.1 Power Pipe Spools

  • B31.3 Process Piping        

Jacketed Vessels
Half Pipe Vessels
Specialty Products
Power  Piping 
  • Electrolytic Cell Components - Anodes, Cathodes, and Buss Bars for Chlorine, Chlorate, Electro-plating and Other Electrolytic processes.

  • Coils

  • Misc. Tanks

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